August 2012 General public Channeling Kryonschool ~ Kryon: The Significance of the Melek Metatron Wander-in / Melek Metatron: Journey in your nineteenth Aspect

I'm Kryon. Using the immeasurable enjoy I greet Every and Each one While using the phrases OMAR TA SATT.
The Pageant of Love is approaching. Consequently it was resolved that in this time of the present minute of modify Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, will go into Sangitar's entire body with one particular aspect over regular. This would be the strongest and maybe also most psychological issue you might have knowledgeable so far.
But how did it come to it? Why has the High Council manufactured this decision? For it is an enormous final decision that Melek Metatron himself, the Eye of God, will come into Sangitar's physique. It is actually an experiment. Therefore I would like to bring you the messages about why this comes about.
The human beings in your World are in the course of the ascension stage. The final wave has currently started as well as alterations are so highly effective that even we beyond the veil are getting ready ourselves intensely for when Woman Gaia emits the sound of perfection. We begin to see the improvements on your own Earth. You, also, can perceive these changes outside. The magnetic photo voltaic storms which have arrive down to Earth. The many all-natural disasters. Around the one hand a huge selection of thousands of human beings flee from flood-like rainfalls. In other locations subsequently you will discover heat waves like never ever before. Funds, all the technique of structure, is breaking apart. A lot of things remain being withheld from you. For human beings who're sleeping and also have not opened on their own to spirituality try out to persuade you with all their may well: Every thing will be alright. But never consider them. The structures won't be capable of past. They can collapse.
Quite a few amazing Strength currents are flowing onto Earth by numerous mediums, by experts. There was an announcement which the so-known as particle of God has become identified. This has deep, deep importance. When these types of messages get to the Earth plus the human beings, you can find instant attempts to operate towards it. They don't want to tell the human beings the reality. They nevertheless don't desire to let them share their knowledge and want to maintain them tiny. They know Substantially greater than you visualize. But we, we see everything from a different point of view, outside of the veil. We do not allow for ourselves being deceived. We all know the fact and the reality. We all know the souls of your human beings, the Electrical power currents. We identify The sunshine and we stand in deep contact with Girl Gaia, Together with the Arcturians and let them report back to us.
As a result it was resolved that for this planning of your ascension, need to it arrive unexpectedly, a preparing is currently being created for all those people who are within the deepest intention. Thanks to that we made the decision this time We're going to only send impulses to the strongest souls and invite them to your Festival of affection. For at this Festival we need the large collective With all the deepest intention of trust.
Why will Melek Metatron carry the nineteenth factor? If the ascension normally takes area the human beings need to have 18 linked facets so as to be able to travel Using the merkabah, or else a 19th aspect. The 19th component is a light imprint, an element that remained within the universe whenever you incarnated. When this aspect is embedded in you an enormous ability is produced. Equally as is correct and very good to suit your needs.
The dragon Vitality is arriving. The dragon Vitality is firmly linked with your merkabah. It is a dwelling Electricity, and you have utilized this Power before in several epochs in an effort to journey. This Power will probably be embedded inside your nineteenth part. When this factor is completely activated you are able to consciously use the dragon Electricity.
As a result I get in touch with the Eye of God, Melek Metatron, now. I show you, Just about every and every one of you: Fantastic situations lie in advance of you. Go deeper and deeper in the intention. Tend not to permit that the motive will get out of hand. But really feel the truth as part of your coronary heart. I tell you: The reality finds its way. But presently the reality finds its way quicker and more prevodilac srpski na nemacki rapidly.
So breathe The sunshine of affection into yourself. Really feel the divine may in you. And while you're unifying your chakras, expanding your self just like a Sunshine, We're going to floor you on all ranges. As a result I connect with the Lord of Hosts While using the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.
I call you, exactly you, a golden angel. One thing superb will probably materialize. Once i myself, the attention of God, will go into the human body of Sangitar It's going to be my endeavor to insert an energetic, own 19th element inside your merkabah and also to provide it to everyday living. Only Melek Metatron has the authorization to do this. Due to that it's important that Melek Metatron appears as walk-in. The preparations on both sides now are very, very intense. Now you could feel with exactly how much Strength I am while in the elements of Sangitar.
Listen to the message of Melek Metatron. You went in the duality with eighteen features so as to encounter you in all aspects. Three elements stayed at the rear of. It had been your endeavor from the beginning of time to locate enlightenment in several incarnations and awakening while in the Golden Age with these eighteen areas. Only the pretty greatest preferred Avatars on this planet have a 19th facet in just, which include, Prevodjenje sa srpskog na nemacki for example, Jesus Christ, the Son. He carried this nineteenth part. Now's the time of one of the most intensive preparations of all and because of that we, the wise council, have decided this factor is embedded in by far the most deeply spiritual human beings from the deepest electric power in their self.
As a way to let you feel what that means I now invite you to definitely vacation to the facet. You're deeply sunk in just. You are feeling the breath of God. Prevodilac sa srpskog na nemacki You are feeling SOL'A'VANA in you. Now question your personal group of angels to deliver your omnipotence facet along with your soul factor to the divine flame and also to unify them. I would like your authorization. When you name your original name I, along with the Sewaja Angels, will have you into an energetic subject that hasn't right before been entered by energetic elements. I will guidebook you in the halls of your merkabah. Consequently the palms of God will give your fused part to your Sewaja Angels through the Sewaja aspect. Breathe deeply, feel the reference to Mother Earth. So the journey commences. I am guiding you into the halls with the merkabah. Your factor finds your merkabah and it finds the omnipotence facet. It is a pull that you really feel. So I invite you now, the attention of God, to carry your omnipotence factor in the omnipotence facet of the pure divinity of one's self. The entire electric power is anchored there, your gentle, the divinity, all that you will be, that has a deep, deep electricity. Let yourself fall into it and come to feel what transpires.
Now it can be time to action out once again. The Sewaja Angels will guidebook your facet back. Question your personal team of angels to insert your soul component along with your omnipotence component within your merkabah and experience the Power that expands. Your omnipotence factor is a vital facet of your merkabah. It bears the power of modify, the facility to manifest. But the omnipotence element inside the universe bears the ability to move mountains. This Strength which part will probably be embedded in you by the attention of God at the Pageant of Love.
The first Holy Grail has long been kindled, the magic energies are circulating. Consequently let us discuss the terms together: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.
I show you: You will be the smartest thing the Earth is carrying. We are going to stand face to face. I'll look into your eyes and I'll Enable you're feeling what radiant ability the adore I sense for you personally comprises.
N.B: The Kryon Competition can be a biannual occasion going down in Munich, Germany. The subsequent 1 is on in September 2012. It is actually a global event that's translated into English and attracts people from all around the environment.
The terms from the lightlanguage applied in this channeling suggest:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworker's greeting, Electricity of welcome
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth - holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham - I am who I am, I'm god
A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH - you are cherished immeasurably
AN'ANASHA - gratitude, the stability amongst offering and acquiring

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